Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chemical free coals

As a quick follow up to my recent post about cooking meat, I did have a MEAT club meeting this past Friday. I used a cone to help light the coals this week instead of using lighter fluid. Wow was I happy! I had no idea that having chemical free coals at my first meeting was going to release that many endorphins.

There was a clear difference between the tastes of the meat. I know this because my good friend, and co-leader of MEAT club used lighter fluid on our second grill. I know, I feel guilty that I wasn't able to completely outlaw lighter fluid from the MEAT fires, but I'm well on my way! While both of our grills had powerful heat emanating from its coals, I took pride in the fact that mine had been lit without the use of lighter fluid. Those who chose burgers and steaks from my fire seemed to be happy as well. While the meat on both grills was coming off of the fire juicy on the inside with a crisp brown outer layer, the product from the other grill still seemed to have the sourish, gasoline-like flavor that can be associated with lighter fluid. Not to mention, I still think I may have heard a few grumbling tummies... not a good sign.

I was happy to say however that everything cooked from the fluid-free grill seemed to taste simply like meat should, smoky and salty with the savory juices that go so well with cheese on top. From now on I will be lighting my coals without lighter fluid, for a much purer taste. Maybe soon I will be able to try out a wood fire!

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Keep it green and safe!